4 Methods To Fix HP Printer Supply Memory Error

After you send the Print command, you eagerly wait for printouts as your printing is almost going to be done. But, at the pick-point, you suddenly receive an HP Printer Supply Memory Error message on your printer’s control panel. This literally makes you furious as you will then be getting prevented from printing anything.

However, the Supply Memory Error usually arises when the toner cartridges that have been installed are unable to be detected by your printer product. Furthermore, broken pieces of plastic inside the toner or an outdated printer software/driver could be resulting in the same error.

Nevertheless clearing the supply memory error in HP Printer is quite a daunting job. That’s why, in this blog post, we’ve decided to cover the potential causes and effectual troubleshooting tips for your better understanding. Thus, feel free to read and learn!

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Possible Reasons That Can Lead To HP Printer Supply Memory Error

There can be several reasons responsible for Supply Memory Error HP Printer. A few of the most common and feasible causes are specified beneath. Let’s have a glimpse:

  • Wrong or incompatible printer cartridges are probably installed.
  • Installation of the toner cartridge with a defective or damaged chip.
  • Outdated printer firmware can also result in an HP Supply Memory Error.
  • The packaging plastic or protective strips that are applied to the toner cartridges might have not been removed.
  • Broken metal contacts/chip available in the toner cartridge can also let your printer displays supply memory error message.
  • A metal chip is possibly not connected properly with the corresponding contacts inside the printer.

In any of these cases, your HP Printer wouldn’t detect the toner cartridge during the print job and hence displays Supply Memory Error On HP Printer. However, you can be experiencing such type of problem just after replacing an empty cartridge with the new toner.

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How To Clear Supply Memory Error In HP Printer?

The productive ways to instantly and efficiently annihilate the HP Printer Supply Memory Error are noted down. All you need is to feast your eyes on the given solutions and make appropriate implementation. Let’s do it right away!

Method 1: Peel off The Protective Strips

Removing the packaging plastic completely from top-to-toe before attempting to install a new cartridge is a quick-solving method. Even a small piece of protective strips left behind can trigger Supply Memory Error HP Printer. Howsoever, every toner cartridge contains orange plastic clips which should be peeled off before striving to install it. Here’s what to perform:

  • First, switch off your HP Printer product and disconnect it.
  • Now, slightly open the ink cartridge door and lift up the packaging material.
  • Now, carefully take out the cartridge from your HP Printer.
  • Properly give a glance at it and gently remove the packing material.
  • Find the orange clip and pull it out until it gets completely detached from the cartridge.
  • Now, insert the cartridge back into your HP Printer.
  • Close the access door of your printer cartridge.
  • Switch on your printer and connect it back.
  • Try printing again to see if the control panel still displays the HP Supply Memory Error or if it’s cleared from the root.

Method 2: Connect The Metal Contacts Accurately

In general, there are two tiny metal contacts that touch the toner cartridge for the appropriate printing function. So, if any of these metal contacts fail to touch the toner, the circuit will be incomplete. In such a scenario, the printer will not detect the toner even if it is properly installed.

Here’s the course of action to follow:

  • Switch off your HP Printer and disconnect it from the power cable.
  • Now, gently take your toner cartridge out of your printer.
  • Give a glimpse of the metal connections that resemble microchips or two metal squares.
  • If you see any two metal connectors pressed backside, then slightly and softly took them forward. Now, the microchips will appropriately touch the toner cartridge and even your printer will start detecting it during the print job.

Method 3: Check For The Damaged Plastic Pieces

The plastic slots at which the toner cartridge is placed might have been broken. So, this broken slot won’t let the toner cartridge be seated properly inside your printer. In this case, you only have to replace the toner cartridge with a new one.

The comprehensive procedure to replace the print cartridge is noted underneath. Let’s follow:

  •  First, make sure you purchase the genuine ink cartridge for your HP Printer.
  • Next, lift up the scanner lid and open the cartridge access door.
  • Take out the old print cartridge.
  • Remove the new print cartridge from the packaging material.
  • Eliminate the orange clip from the end of the print cartridge.
  • Also, pull the sealing tape tab until the entire tape is removed.
  • Now, insert the print cartridge into its slots.
  • After successfully installing the print cartridge, close the access door.
  • Now, shut down the scanner lid.
  • Restart your HP Printer and then try again printing documents.

Method 4: Update Printer Firmware/Software

HP launches firmware updates from time to time for their products to get upgraded with the latest feature and services. If you do not update your printer with the latest released firmware, you can confront tech snags. Therefore, it is highly essential to download the latest and compatible software for your printer/Windows System.

You can find the latest firmware updates on the official HP website.

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24/7 Online HP Printer Support For HP Printer Supply Memory Error

Hopefully, the above-stated tips and tricks have worked for the rectification of the HP Printer Supply Memory Error. In case, you need advanced technical aid yet to deal with this issue, contact us. We have qualified and immensely talented tech specialists working round the clock at 24/7 Online HP Printer Support. So, whatever the problem you experience with your HP Printer product, feel free to reach out to us for a one-stop solution at a reasonable rate.


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