How Do I Proficiently Resolve HP Printer Says Out Of Paper Error

When using HP Printer for the supreme quality printing solution, encountering technical errors is widely common. The major problem usually many users come across while printing is HP Printer Says Out Of Paper. Your printer might have run out of paper. If this is the case, your HP Printer won’t feed paper from the input tray. When you give the Print command for print, the printer may make some noises but wouldn’t deliver anything. Despite getting the printouts, an ‘out of paper’ error message will be displayed on the Windows computer.

However, wagging off just after confronting the paper-feeding issues is not a solution. You should give extra effort into the annihilation of this problem. In this blog, the potential fixes are covered for your help. Thus, the printer that has a paper stack running out can be resolved quickly and effortlessly. Read & learn!


Factual Causes Leading To The HP Printer Says Out Of Paper Error

Having an HP Printer Saying Out Of Paper during your print is outrageous. Nevertheless, identifying the most feasible causes is effective in getting rid of this issue within minutes.

Beneath is the list of latent causes that may result in the paper pick-up issue with your printer machines:

  • Print Spooler Service is not operable or active on your Windows PC.
  • The paper condition loaded in the printer’s input tray is not up to the mark.
  • Dust is gathered on the Paper rollers/feeders.
  • The paper stack is curled, wrinkled, or smudged.
  • The paper trays are either empty or overloaded. Either of these causes can lead to the HP Printer Out Of Paper Error.
  • The paper stack is probably not engaged with the rollers.
  • Using poor-quality paper is also a possible reason.
  • Your printer’s driver is probably outdated.
  • If the print jobs are pending, then also your printer ceases feeding paper.


Abundant Troubleshooting Tricks To Fix HP Printer Says Out Of Paper Error

There is plenty of solving tricks and techniques to hassle-freely resolve HP Printer Error Out Of Paper. We’ve compiled all the essential tips in this tutorial. So, all you need is to feast your eyes on the provided solutions and execute them one after another until your printer starts feeding paper. Let us walk you through the comprehensive course of action below!


Fixes 1: Glimpse Of The Input Tray For Paper Loaded

Since it’s a printing machine, the stack of plain white paper is extensively essential to be loaded in the input tray. Unless you insert the top-quality A-4 sized paper into the paper tray, your printer will not read as well as pick up the paper. Therefore, in spite of pulling your hair whenever getting the HP Printer Says Out Of Paper, check your printer tray for the relevant pieces of paper. If the tray is empty or less than 10 paper sheets are available, immediately load the paper sheets all having the same size and type in the tray.

NOTE: Do not load different paper sizes and even more than 25 sheets of paper.


Fixes 2: Check The Paper’s Condition

The condition of the paper loaded in the product matters a lot for smooth and flawless printing. So, when your HP printer says it’s running out of paper, check the paper’s condition. If the paper is ripped, curved, wrinkled, or low-quality, replace it straight away with the plain, white, A-4sized unused paper in your product. After verifying the installation of the paper form, try printing again.

This time, your printer will be picking up the paper while printing and soon producing printouts. If the problem is still unsolved, continue troubleshooting using the next solutions.


Fixes 3: Clean The Paper Roller

The accumulation of dust on the paper roller can trigger the HP Printer Says Out Of Paper error. So, if this is the case, perform the following steps to completely clean your printer’s paper rollers.

  • First, switch off your HP Printer and disconnect the entire power cord.
  • Now, open the input tray.
  • Look for the paper sheets inserted into the tray and properly take them out.
  • Now, gently open up the access cover of your HP Printer.
  • Afterward, take a short glance at the paper feed rollers.

Important Point: Rubber martial is being utilized in the construction of the Paper feed rollers. Also, they are displayed in grey or black color. Checking for this material after removing the rear access door of the printer will effectively lend you a hand in identifying the rollers.

  • Now, take a lint-free, soft, and lightweight cloth and dip it in distilled water.
  • Start cleaning the dusty rollers with that moistened cloth.
  • While cleaning, rotate the rollers upward carefully using your fingers to clean all the way around.
  • Now, wait for the rollers to be dried out from top-to-toe.
  • After that, load the printing sheets in the input tray.
  • Close the rear access door.
  • Switch on the printer and reconnect its power cord.
  • Wait for the printer to be in idle and silent mode.
  • Now, try printing a test page to check the error of no printing paper in the HP Printer has been resolved.

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Fixes 4: Ensure The Print Spooler Service Is Running

The Print Spooler is an exclusive service in the Windows system that stores print jobs. While it is possible this service is not working normally or might have been stopped. That’s why your HP Printer Says Out Of Paper even when sufficient sheets are added. All you need is to open this service and check the status. Here’s how:

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows logo + R keys.
  • Now, type in “services.msc”
  • Then, hit the “Enter” key.
  • In the “Services” window, locate the “Print Spooler” service from the given list and select this option.
  • Now, check the status for mentioning “Started” on this service. If the status says “Stopped,” right-click on “Print Spooler” and then choose “Properties.”
  • Afterward, press the “Start” tab to enable the “Print Spooler” service and functioning properly.
  • In the end, click “Apply” and “OK” to apply the modifications.
  • Now, try printing again to check if it is helpful.


Fixes 5: Update HP Printer Driver

A driver is a device-connecting bridge that enables your printer to directly communicate with your computer while printing. So, if the driver installed against your HP Printer is outdated or corrupted, you will have an HP Printer Error Out Of Paper. Therefore, to avoid the printer stating an ‘out of paper’ error, try to update your printer driver. Following are the steps for driver update:

  • First, open “Device Manager” on your Windows PC.
  • Click on the “Printers” tab.
  • Locate the icon of your HP Printer and right-tap on it.
  • From the listed menu, select “Update Driver Software” from the option.
  • Now, you will see a link that will lead you to auto-update the driver for your HP Printer. Place a single tap on that link and walk through the prompted guidelines.
  • Once done, the printer’s driver will undoubtedly be up to date.


Advanced Guide At HP Printer Support For HP Printer Says Out Of Paper

The HP Printer may prevent you from executing the printing functions when it says out of paper. However, above, we’ve seen why it happens and what to implement to resolve HP Printer Says Out Of Paper error. Hope, after making use of all these recommended tips, you eradicate this problem. If still the same error exists, don’t fret! Make direct contact with our HP Printer Help team and get an advanced guide at your fingertips. You can fix this issue in time, guarantee!


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