Try These 6 Ways To Fix HP Printer Power Light Blinking Problem

HP printers are affordable devices that provide high-quality printing. But printer problems aren’t uncommon. Users commonly find their HP power light blinking. This points to several problems with your printers, right from ink cartridge problems to signal issues. 

Fixing this issue is not straightforward because different buttons have different functions. There are eight kinds of buttons, all with different functions. To fix the problem, you should first determine the function of the button blinking light. This article will give you a detailed explanation of this problem and how to fix it. 


Why Is the HP Power Light Blinking? 

The first step is finding the cause of the problem. Look at the light that’s blinking and find what it means. Remember that every button has a different function, and their blinking will point to a different issue. 

Here’s a three-step process to determine the actual problem. 



1. Find the Power Button on your Printer

The Power button is present on the control panel’s right side. Ensure that you don’t confuse it with any other button on your printer. Now, look at the button whose light is blinking. An HP printer has the following types of buttons/lights. 

  1. Power button
  2. Cancel button
  3. Resume button
  4. Wireless button
  5. Start copy color button
  6. Start copying the black button 
  7. Information button 

Light blinking on each of these buttons indicates a different problem with the printing device. 



2. Find the Pattern of Light Blinking.

You may find that the light blinks in a specific pattern. Sometimes it may blink after a specific number of seconds. Different patterns indicate different problems such as paper jam, maintenance problems, and the like. 

If you find your HP printer power button blinking non-stop, it indicates serious errors. It might also point to a paper jam. 



3. Address the Real Problem

Once you are clear on what the actual problem is due to which the light is blinking, review your printer’s user manual. There you will find the exact information about what each blinking pattern means.

Once you are clear on them, apply the fixes below to resolve them. 


Fixes for Power Light Blinking on HP Printer

After finalizing the precise problem your printer has encountered, apply the solutions accordingly.



1. Change the Print Settings if the Printer Cannot Identify a Type of Printing Paper

If your HP printer cannot identify a particular printing paper, the problem lies in the print settings. You may also look for a paper jam issue. Change the printing paper or print mode settings through these steps.

  • Head to the ‘Print Settings’ section and open ‘Properties.’
  • Go to the tab where information about the type and size of paper is present.
  • Enter the size and type of paper you are using in the dropdown menu. 
  • Now, try printing.


2. Hard Reset HP Printer

Do you find your HP printer light blinking followed by a network connectivity problem? Try hard resetting the printing device to fix it.

  • Switch off the printer by hitting the Power button.
  • Pull out the power cord from the printer’s back side and the power socket.
  • Reconnect the cord after 30 seconds.
  • Now, restart the printing device by hitting the Power button.
  • You may also press the Resume button for 20 seconds if it’s there in the printer.
  • Do not let it go till the Attention light blinks.
  • Now the printer will not show connectivity problems.

A hard reset will also prove useful when you find your HP printer in an error state.



3. Clear the Paper Jam Error

There’s also an error indicating that the paper is stuck. As a result, you will find your HP printer in an error state. This usually happens with those who have been using your printer for quite some time. 

If you face this problem, it is essential to take steps and eliminate paper jams. This will allow your printer to work optimally again. 

  • Open the printer’s back cover.
  • Take out debris or paper at its back.
  • Now clean the rollers gently with a soft and damp cloth.
  • Open the printer’s top cover.
  • Inspect this area to ensure that there are no objects obstructing the cartridge carriage path. 


4. Find the Cartridges Incompatible with the HP Printer 

Sometimes, problems with ink cartridges occur. Users get an error message, after which they find their HP printer light blinking. To fix it, find the cartridge causing the error. This can take some time as you will need to examine every cartridge. 

  • Open the printer’s cover and take out one cartridge.
  • Now close the cover and give a print command. 
  • If the printer can print, you’ve found the problematic cartridge.
  • But if not, repeat this step with other cartridges.
  • After finding the faulty cartridge, clean it and put it back in the printer. 
  • If you still face the problem, install a new cartridge. 
  • Don’t forget to clean the contacts of your ink cartridges. After that, try printing. You will not see the error.

Point To Note: A defective cartridge or printhead can be under warranty. Head over to the official HP’s Printer and Page Yield Overview page and go through the limited warranty information for the cartridge.


5. Load more Printing Paper

Many users have printing tasks online, but there isn’t enough paper in their printers. In this situation, too, you will find HP printer power light blinking. So, always ensure that you insert an adequate number of papers into your printer. After that, print usually.


6. Make the Printer Detect your Cartridge

HP printer goes into backup mode if there’s only one cartridge in it. If you keep ignoring this problem, it will cause excessive blinking. So, place the missing cartridge. If the printer still doesn’t recognize your cartridge, take away the tape from it. After that, install the cartridge and try printing.


Summing Up

Usually, when you find an HP printer power light blinking, it indicates various issues. Both internal and external problems can make the power light blink. These measures will help you resolve it. But if you cannot the problem yourself or cannot use these measures, seek printer technical help.


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