How To Sort-Out HP Printers Paper Jam Issue

An HP printer paper jam is a fairly common occurrence. These jams can happen due to overloading the paper tray or using inappropriate paper for your HP printer model. Besides, unclean paper feed rollers can also result in this error.

Paper jam negatively impacts the printer’s functioning. You cannot perform print tasks in the presence of a jam. So, clearing it is essential to resuming printing. 

Are you repeatedly facing the paper jam error on your HP printer model? This article will give you detailed troubleshooting to eliminate it. Use this guide whenever you need to print urgently but find the papers jammed. 


Troubleshooting the HP Printer Paper Jam Issue

Let us begin with preliminary troubleshooting and move on to other fixes to rectify the paper jam. 

1. Preliminary Troubleshooting

  • Find if there is any foreign material, such as a pen or a rubber, that may have accidentally fallen inside the machine. 
  • Also, examine if there’s any stuck paper in your HP printer. 
  • If you find such a paper, remove it. 

2. Fix the Paper Jam on HP Printer

After carrying out the steps mentioned above, proceed to clear the paper jam problem. Follow these pointers when you find that your HP printer says paper jam.

  • Firstly, disconnect your USB cable.
  • After that, remove the cartridges from your HP printer model.
  • Power off the printing device.
  • Remove the black box on the printer’s back where you plugged the power cord in.
  • Lift your printer.
  • Now, shake it sideways.
  • Shake it nearly five times.
  • Keep the power and USB cables, black box, and cartridges in your printer.
  • After that, switch it on.
  • Keep five pages inside the printer and then give a printing command.


Fix the HP Printer Paper Jam problem On the HP Inkjet Printer

Use these steps to fix paper jams in Inkjet printer models from HP.

  • Firstly, examine the paper tray.
  • Remove any loose papers in it.
  • Gently pull out a paper if it’s stuck while feeding from the tray into your printer.
  • Press ‘Resume’ and see if the printer prints.
  • Examine the interiors of the printer by removing the rear access door.
  • Take out the paper stuck in the rollers.
  • Replace the rear access door after that.
  • Hit ‘Resume’ and check if the printer prints correctly.
  • If not, lift the front cover and remove additional bits of paper.
  • Examine the print carriage. 
  • If it does not move freely from one to the other side of the printer, you need to fix it.
  • Rotate the rollers three times in an upward direction.
  • This will make the carriage move freely.
  • Reload the paper into the paper tray and hit the ‘Resume’ button.
  • By now, the printer should be printing correctly.


Fix Paper Jam in HP Office Jet Pro Printers

Do you find your Office Jet HP printer saying paper jam? Here is how to eliminate this problem and start printing. 

  • Power off your printer. 
  • Now after a few minutes, power it on again.
  • If you are lucky, this simple step will let you pint again properly.
  • To power off your printer, touch the Power button. 
  • Then wait for one minute to let the printer reset. 
  • After one minute, press the Power button again to turn on the printer. 
  • Let the printer turn on completely. 
  • Now align the paper stack by tapping it on a stable surface. 
  • Access the input tray and load paper into it. 
  • Close the input tray.
  • Now try to print a page from the control panel of the printer. 
  • To clear the paper from the printer’s back and the paper tray, start by removing loose paper from the trays. 
  • Turn off the printer through the Power button. 
  • Even if you cannot turn off your printer, unplug it.
  • Now move to the printer’s back and take out the USB cable from the printer. 
  • Unplug the cord.
  • Remove the duplexer by pushing the tabs on both sides and pulling it out from the device. 
  • Access the printer’s back for jammed paper.
  • Gently pull the paper to remove it. 
  • Now examine the wheels and rollers for paper bits in the printer. 
  • Take a flashlight and thoroughly search the printer’s back for paper bits. 


Fix a Paper Jam on HP Envy Printer

You may find the HP printer paper jam problem in Envy models. The error message shows up on the control panel. Here’s how to troubleshoot it.

  • Turn off your printer and turn it on again.
  • Press the Power button so your HP printer turns off. 
  • Turn on the printer by hitting its Power button.
  • Print a printer status report. 
  • Take out the jammed paper from the back part of the input tray. 
  • The tray extender should be closed. 
  • Grab the tray from the sides and pull it toward you to take it out from the machine.
  • Peek inside the printer and examine the rollers for paper. 
  • Take out papers from the output rollers. 
  • Now, slide the output tray onto the input tray.
  • Examine the jammed paper behind the printer’s input tray. 
  • Turn off the printer and pull out the output tray by its sides. 
  • Pull the tray towards you to take it away from the printer. 
  • Examine and remove the paper from the input tray.
  • Access the printer’s bottom. 
  • Examine the gap on the printer’s bottom for jammed paper.
  • Take out the paper with both hands and gently remove it. 
  • Now load plain white paper into the printer’s input tray. 
  • Slide the tray into the printer. 
  • Now slide the output tray into the input tray. 
  • Finally, remove the paper from the cartridge access area and paper path. 


Summing Up

Hopefully, you now know how to perfectly troubleshoot the HP printer paper jam issue on your printer model. The steps may seem lengthy, but it is essential to follow them all. Otherwise, your printer’s functioning will be adversely impacted. If you need more assistance clearing the paper jam, connect with a printer technical support service. They will help you quickly troubleshoot the issue so you can start printing again as before. 


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