7 Ways To Troubleshooting HP Printer Offline Error

One of the most commonly occurring printer problems is that it shows an offline status. Windows and Mac’s users often notice the HP printer offline error, which implies a lack of connection between the printer and the system. Internal glitches in the printer, an unresponsive PC connection, and pending print tasks in the queue can make the printer status offline.

So, to fix it you must do everything you can to set up the connection between your printer and the system. Thankfully, there are a few proven ways to make your HP printer online and functional. This article will describe the fixes comprehensively. 

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Quick Fixes for HP Printer Offline Error

Sometimes, simple fixes are all you need to bring your HP printer online. Before progressing to the actual troubleshooting, try out these quick fixes.

  • Switch on the printer. See that it has adequate ink and that there are no errors on the screen. 
  • There should be no blinking lights that indicate printer errors.
  • Wake up the printer if you observe it in sleep mode.
  • Check if you have loaded the paper properly into the input tray.
  • Now, see that the paper width guides are against the edges of the stack.
  • Resolve error messages if you find them on the printer control panel.
  • Turn off the printer.
  • Allow 30 seconds for it to remain in this state.
  • After this time, turn it on.

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Troubleshooting Techniques for the HP Printer Offline Problem

You can now stop wondering about different ways to make your printer go back online. These easy tech fixes will eliminate this issue.


1. Disable the Use Printer Offline Setting

If the ‘Use printer offline’ setting is on, you will find it difficult to print anything. Disable it through these points.

Disable the Use Printer Offline Setting

  • Access the Settings window of your system through the Windows, and I keyboard shortcut.
  • Now hit ‘Devices.’
  • Move to ‘Printers and Scanners’ and choose your HP printer.
  • Tap on it and select ‘Open Queue.’
  • In the subsequent screen, tap ‘Printer.’
  • Now remove the tick mark from the ‘Use printer offline’ option.


2. Check that You have Not Connected the Cable Incorrectly

If your printer is linked to your system through a USB cable, check whether the cable is plugged in properly. You’ll find that your HP printer is offline if the cables aren’t plugged correctly or are loose. 

Check that You have Not Connected the Cable Incorrectly

  • Use a different USB socket if your system’s USB port is faulty. 
  • Restarting the printer is also worth trying to fix this error. 
  • Another tip is to inspect the USB cable for damage. 
  • If you notice signs of wear and tear, use another USB cable. 


3. Set the HP printer as Default

Is your HP printer configured as the default printing device on your system? If not, it can be the reason for the offline status. 

  • Launch the Run command by typing it in the Windows search area.
  • On the Run dialog box, type ‘Control Panel.’
  • Hit ‘OK.’
  • Now, go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ tab.
  • Here, you will see your HP printer.
  • If it has a green checkmark, your printer as the default device.
  • But if not, right-tap it and click ‘Set as default printer.’
  • This HP printer offline fix will make you use your printing device like before.


4. Use Diagnose & Fix in the HP Smart app

The HP Smart app contains an effective utility called Diagnose & Fix. It is available for Windows and Mac users. Use these points to fix the offline error through this program. 

Use Diagnose & Fix in the HP Smart app

  • Download the HP Smart app if you haven’t already from the Microsoft Store or the Mac App store.
    1. Windows users should tap the ‘Diagnose & Fix’ icon.
    2. Mac OS users can tap their printer followed by ‘Printers’ on the top menu. Now, tap ‘Diagnose & Fix.’
  • Tap ‘Start’ and let the HP Smart app remain open while the scanning is taking place.
  • Adhere to the prompts that the program gives you.
  • If you still find the error unresolved, move to the fix below. 


5. Review the Printer Driver

Many users have been able to eliminate the HP printer offline error by updating their printer driver. An obsolete or corrupt driver can cause various errors, including this one. Follow these guidelines to update it.

Review the Printer Driver

  • Access ‘Device Manager’ through Windows search and click on its result.
  • After that, enlarge the ‘Printers’ section.
  • From here, find the model number of your printer. 
  • Right-tap it and choose the ‘Update Driver’ option.
  • After that, hit the ‘Search automatically’ option.
  • Let your printer driver update.
  • Once the process finishes, turn off and turn on your system. 

QUICK NOTE – An alternative to driver update is reinstalling the printer driver. In ‘Control Panel’ choose ‘Remove programs’ and uninstall your current driver. Install the latest one from the HP website.


6. Check if your Printer Employs a WSD Port.

The next HP printer offline fix is checking whether your printer employs a WSD port. 

Check if your Printer Employs a WSD Port

  • Visit the ‘View devices and printers’ section.
  • Right-tap your printer and pick ‘Printer properties.’
  • Tap ‘Ports’ and see if your HP printer employs a WSD port.
  • If it does, search Windows for ‘Services.’
  • Find the services ‘Function Discovery Provider Host’ and ‘Function Discovery Resource Publication.’
  • Both of them will have the ‘Status’ and ‘Startup’ columns.
  • They should be running.
  • The startup type should be ‘Automatic.’
  • If not, right-click the name and choose ‘Properties.’
  • Now, set the startup type to ‘Automatic.’
  • Below the service status, tap ‘Start.’
  • Then click ‘OK.’
  • Now, head back to ‘Devices and printers.’
  • Here, press ‘F5.’
  • Now your printer status will show as online.


7. Fix the Problem by Printing a Network Configuration Report

If you still notice that your HP printer is offline, print a network configuration report. Follow these points to resolve the problem.

Fix the Problem by Printing a Network Configuration Report

QUICK NOTE: The printer configuration report is produced through the wireless menu for your HP printer.

  • Right-tap the printer model name.
  • Select ‘Printer properties’ from the dropdown.
  • Now, hit the ‘Ports’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Add port.’
  • Pick the option ‘Standard TCP/IP port.’
  • Now, hit ‘New port.’
  • Use the network configuration report to add another port.
  • Navigate to the ‘Devices and printers’ window,
  • Press ‘F5.’
  • Now, check the printer status.

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Fix HP Printer Offline and Resume Printing!

After using these fixes, you will be able to print efficiently again. The measures will troubleshoot hardware and software glitches. If you need more help with fixing this or any related error, feel free to seek professional hp printer assistance


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