10 Ways To Resolve HP Printer Not Scanning

HP is one of the biggest printer brands in the market. It offers top-grade printers with a scanning feature. However, they may not always function smoothly. Several users find their HP printer not scanning. The printer refuses to respond to their scanning commands. As a result, confusion prevails about the next steps to take.

What makes the issue more challenging is that users don’t find any specific error code on the printer screen. This problem has been reported by several users after updating their operating systems. Regardless of how you have encountered it, this article will walk you through various fixes. 

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Reasons for HP Printer Not Scanning

You may find scanning problems with your printer due to the following reasons. 

  • Your printer drivers are not updated.
  • The printer isn’t compatible with your operating system. 
  • The problem can also be due to Windows Defender Firewall obstructing necessary processes. 
  • The Windows Image Acquisition Service is not on. 


Troubleshooting for When HP Printer Won’t Scan

Eliminate the confusion arising due to this problem by using these fixes.


1. Find Whether the Printer is Compatible with Windows

One of the first steps is to check for platform compatibility. You’ll face scanning issues if the HP printer model is incompatible with Windows 10 or 11.

  • Open the web browser and head to www.support.hp.com.
  • On this page, you’ll find a list of Windows 10-compatible printers.
  • Find whether your printer model is included in the list. 
  • If not, you will need a new and compatible platform.


2. Reset the Scanner

Resetting the printer scanner is also an effective fix when the HP printer is not scanning. It is easy to reset the printer scanner. Just power down the printer scanner. After that, unplug the power cord from its socket. Wait for around 20 seconds and plug your device into the power socket. Reboot the printer and check if the scanner is still unresponsive to your commands.


3. Employ the HP Print and Scan Doctor Troubleshooting Utility 

The Print and Scan Doctor from HP troubleshoots all printer problems. You can use it when you find the HP printer scanner not working. 

  • Go to the official HP Print and Scan Doctor webpage for your Windows operating system.
  • Download the program. 
  • Now, install it on your system through the procedure described. 
  • Choose your HP printer. 
  • Now, tap the ‘Fix scanning’ option.
  • The software will begin troubleshooting.
  • It will let you know if it has fixed the scanning issue. 


4. Ensure that your Device is Linked to the Network

Your HP device should have a link to the network, and you must have an active internet connection. Ensure that your HP scanner is on. It should be Ready to take your command.

USB scanner users should examine all the cables and ports thoroughly. If you are a VPN user, disconnect it from your system. After that, give the printer a scan command. It is possible that after performing these checks, the printer will start scanning like before. 


5. Leverage the Windows Image Acquisition Service

Using the Windows Image Acquisition Service, you can allow the graphic software to contact the scanner and cameras. Turn on this service on your PC when you notice the HP printer not scanning.

  • Trigger the Run dialog box by hitting the Windows key and R.
  • Type ‘services.msc’ in its search field and press ‘OK.’
  • Scroll down and find the ‘Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)’ option.
  • Double-click on this option.
  • On the WIA window, configure the startup type to Automatic.
  • After that, make its Service Status Running.
  • After making these changes, hit ‘Apply.’
  • Press ‘OK’ to save the changes.


6. Reinstall the Printer Software

Sometimes the scanning issues result from a glitch in the printer software. You can reinstall the HP software when the printer stops scanning. 

  • Invoke the Run box by right-tapping the ‘Start’ menu.
  • In this box, input ‘appwiz.cpl.’
  • Press the ‘OK’ button.
  • The ‘Programs and Features’ window will open.
  • Right-tap on the HP printer software.
  • Uninstall it and restart your computer.
  • When it turns on, navigate to the official HP support page.
  • Install the correct software for your printer.
  • After installing the software, restart your computer.
  • The scanner should be working now.


7. Run SFC (System File Checker)

You can also use System File Checker, a built-in Windows feature when your HP printer won’t scan. Running this utility is helpful when the printer scanner isn’t functioning because of corrupt files. 

  • Input the command prompt in the Windows Search box.
  • Now, type ‘Run as administrator.’
  • Input this command in the command prompt: sfc/scannow
  • Now press Enter.
  • Wait for some time till the verification finishes.
  • After that, input ‘exit’ in the command prompt window.
  • Now press Enter.
  • The last step is to start your system again. 
  • Give a scan command to your printer and see if it works. 


8. Update the Scanner Driver 

The printer may also not scan if it has an outdated scanner driver. Update your driver to fix errors and bugs. 

If your scanner doesn’t have the necessary update, go to the HP official website and download it. On the website, find your HP printer model and check if there’s an available update. Download it on your system, run the file, and adhere to the installation guidelines. 


9. Disable Firewall 

A firewall usually causes unnecessary interruptions with various services. So, turn it off. You can do so by heading to the application and clicking the ‘Off’ option.

Ensure that you choose the button beside ‘Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (Not Recommended).’ 


10. Enable Scan to PC on Mac

Are you a Mac user whose HP printer won’t scan? Turn on the Scan to PC option and ensure that full-feature drivers are installed.

  • Head to Finder.
  • Now, go to ‘Applications.’
  • Locate and launch the HP utility.
  • Now, check that the option ‘Scan to PC’ is on.
  • Save these settings and restart both the printer and the PC.

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Final Words

Checking compatibility, using HP Print & Scan Doctor, and reinstalling the HP printer software are good fixes when you find an HP printer not scanning. Follow the instructions for various fixes carefully. You can also avail yourself of professional printer support if necessary.


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