How To Download & Install HP Printer Drivers For Mac

HP Printer is a highly proven well-known device for grabbing the best-quality printing solutions. Most importantly, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. However, for Mac users, HP Printer Drivers For Mac is an essential component. So, after successfully setting up your HP Printer, download and install the current version of the driver against the model of your HP Printer. As its name states, it drives the printer to communicate with the Mac computer and serves quality printouts in no time.

Therefore, before attempting to use your HP Printer, make sure the correct and recently launched driver is installed on your system. In the blog post, we’ll walk you through the comprehensive procedure of quick downloading & installing a printer driver. Thus, feast your eyes here to learn!


Stepwise Intuitive Guidelines To Download & Install HP Printer Drivers For Mac

Searching for the available drivers and software for your printer model is essential for using your HP Printer with a Mac computer/laptop. You will get the complete package of HP Printer Drivers For Mac OS either at the official HP site or Apple Support page. Nevertheless, most HP Printers frequently work with Apple AirPrint. So, you can indeed produce full-quality printing with your Mac computer-associated HP Printer without downloading or installing the drivers.

Follow each method listed underneath to smoothly and hassle-freely download the drivers for your HP Printer in Mac OS. Let’s begin to implement!

Follow each method listed underneath to smoothly and hassle-freely download the drivers for your HP Printer in Mac OS. Let’s begin to implement!


Method 1: Using the Official HP Support Site

Get the full-featured driver packages on a Mac computer using the below-enumerated steps:

  • In the very beginning, on your Mac, open Safari and browse the site.
  • Now, type the exact model number of your HP Printer in the search field and then give a serious glimpse of the drop-down list.
  • Now, choose your HP Printer model from the appeared list of printers.
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Also, make sure the HP Printer Driver you have selected for download is the latest and supported with your MacOS.
  • Now, click the “Download” button.
  • After the downloading process finishes, use “Finder” to go to the “Downloads” section.
  • Now, locate the “HewlettPackardPrinterDrivers.dmg” file, and place a double-tap on it.
  • Once the downloaded HP Printer Drivers For Macfile is opened, click the “Continue” tab.
  • If prompted, check the “Agree” box to accept the License Agreement.
  • Now, click the “Install” button and follow the on-screen guided instructions to have the driver packages top-to-toe installed on your Mac system.
  • Once it’s done, click the “Finish” tab.

Now, with no doubt, a driver which is a piece of HP software is completely downloaded and installed. After having the updated drivers against your printer in your Mac, the data will be translated into a format so as your printer read & understand. Hence, the printing functions will be straightforward.


Method 2: Using The Apple Support Site

Another possible way to download the driver package for your HP Printer on Mac is to navigate the Apple Support site. Apple proffers compatible HP Printer drivers against the version of your macOS. So, here’s how you can download the entire driver package simply via Apple Support:

  • First, visit the “Apple Support – HP Printer Drivers For macOS and OS X Mavericks” page.
  • Now, search for the available Printer Driver & Software.
  • Once you found the upgraded and compatible printing software, click the “Download” tab.
  • Now, open the downloaded “HewlettPackardDrivers.dmg” file to run.
  • Now, once you receive the prompts, follow them appropriately to install HP Printer Drivers For Mac.
  • Also, agree to the “Terms & Conditions” by checking the box displayed on the screen.
  • Once you’re done with the downloading & installing procedures, click the “Finish” tab.

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Method 3: Using HP Software Installation CD

When you unbox your HP Printer, you will see the Software Installation CD inside the box. All you need to do is to slightly take out the packaging materials including an installation CD while unpacking your printer. Thereafter, insert that CD into the Mac Computer and follow the prompts to download the HP Printer Software & Drivers for macOS on your Mac Guide. Make sure the driver you installed is up to date and strongly compatible with your Mac computer.

NOTE: Always select the supported driver with your HP Printer; otherwise, no functions will be executed when giving the Print command.


How To Set up An HP Printer On Your Mac Computer?

To begin setting up your HP Printer, follow the below-noted course of action:

  • First and foremost, connect your HP Printer to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac computer is connected over. Or else, use a USB cable for connection.
  • Now, open the “Apple” menu by clicking on the icon of Apple.
  • Then, click on “System Preferences.”
  • Next, tap the “Printers & Scanners” tab.
  • If the printer is already listed, choose the printer name, and then click the Remove printer “-” icon at the bottom of the list to wipe out the printer.
  • Afterward, give a click on the Add printer “+” icon, and then select the name of the printer in the given list.
  • Now, in the “Use” drop-down menu, Opt for the accurate HP Printer Drivers For Macto make it the default.
  • Then, click the “Add” tab to add the HP printer to the queue.
  • If you ever receive a prompt to install any additional HP Printer Software, click “Install” and follow the instructed-guideline to complete the installation.
  • Also, type your administrator account name and password into the required field for confirmation.

After successfully setting up your HP Printer, restart your Printer, router, and Mac. Now, your HP Printer is ready to use. To print anything, open the app you want to print from, click the “File” menu, and hit the “Print” tab. The printer is all set to deliver quality printouts.


Why Is My Mac Computer Unable To Detect The Printer?

Sometimes, there is a possibility that your Mac computer won’t be able to detect the already installed HP Printer Drivers For Mac. In such a scenario, the printing tasks will not begin and even perform at any cost. This usually happens if:

  • A Printer driver is improperly installed.
  • A corrupt driver is possibly installed on your Mac computer.
  • Therefore, whenever you buy a brand new HP Printer, try to install the latest printer driver on the computer you wish to print.


Additional HP Printer Support For HP Printer Drivers For Mac

The aforementioned-pieces of information are effective for instant download and install HP Printer Drivers For Mac. You can choose the methods for driver download as per your convenience and skills. If you still want additional HP Printer Support online to have the HP-supported driver or HP printer driver is unavailable in your mac reach-out to us. We are available round-the-clock at the 24×7 helpline number to cater to your needs. Thus, dial the number and get the full-feature driver package on your Mac computer in no more time.


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