Learn How to Calibrate HP Printer and Produce Quality Output

HP printers are known worldwide for their flawless printing. However, sometimes, you need to do various things on your end to accelerate their performance. Calibrating an HP printer is one such thing that helps it produce quality printouts. By knowing how to calibrate HP printer, you can enhance the visual outcome of your prints. Larger, multi-function HP printers have touchscreen control panels with glass displays. With time’s passage, they become unresponsive and need calibration to restore functionality. If you are an HP printer owner and want to learn to calibrate your device, read the entire article.


What Is Printer Calibration and When to Do It?

A printer calibration aligns the cartridge nozzles and printing paper to each other. As a result, it leads to high-quality and vivid printouts. Sometimes, the synchronization between the HP printer cartridge or paper gets disturbed. This leads to issues like HP printer not printing color or black.

Even if you use the right consumables, such as ink, you cannot prevent the issue. A printer calibration configures the device as per the right manufacturing standards or specifications. This enhances the ultimate output.

Here are some scenarios that should prompt you to calibrate the printing device.

  • The printouts are unclear and fuzzy.
  • You find your HP printer not printing black or the images produced in places with color begin or end before they ought to.
  • If you find the printer owner or paper going out of sync.


The Steps to Perform Printer Calibration

Learn how to calibrate HP printer by following the steps below. This process consists of cleaning the printer, the paper path, and finally calibrating the printer.


Clean the printer

Over the course of usage, dust, toner, and paper accumulate inside the machine. It causes issues with print quality. You will find smeared printouts. Many HP color Laser jet printer models have a cleaning mode, using which you can fix these print quality problems.

There are two procedures to generate cleaning pages. The first is automatic, and the other is manual. When you install a black print cartridge, the printer will generate a cleaning page before calibration.


Clean the paper path.

There’s a cleaning mode inside HP Laser jet printers to clean the paper path. Here’s the process to clean this path.

  • Hit ‘Setup’ on the Control Panel of the machine.
  • Choose ‘Service’ via the arrow buttons and hit ‘OK.’
  • Now choose ‘Cleaning mode’ through the arrow buttons and again, hit ‘OK.’
  • When the prompt comes to load paper, do as instructed.
  • Now hit ‘OK’ to confirm and start cleaning.

DO REMEMBER – It’s essential to run the cleaning process at least four times to improve the output’s quality.


Calibrate your printer

You can perform the calibration via the Control Panel to get the best results. Here’s how to calibrate HP printer in this way.

  • Access the printer’s Control Panel and hit ‘Setup.’
  • Choose ‘System Setup’ via the arrow buttons and hit ‘OK.’
  • Select ‘Print Quality’ through the arrow buttons and hit ‘OK.’
  • Hit ‘Calibrate color’ through the arrow buttons and touch ‘OK.’
  • Now choose ‘Calibrate now’ via the arrow buttons.
  • Touch ‘OK’ to carry out the calibration.


Perform the HP Printer Color Calibration on Design jet 30 and 130 Series

You can carry out color calibration of HP Design jet printer models using the HP Design jet System Maintenance Utility. This is especially to do if you find an HP printer not printing color correctly.

  • Launch the ‘System Maintenance Utility.’
  • To do so, tap ‘Start’ and launch the ‘Printers’ folder.
  • Right-tap on your HP Design Jet printer.
  • Tap ‘Printing Preferences.’
  • Now, go to the ‘Services’ tab.
  • Here, press ‘Status of my printer.’
  • The System Maintenance Window will launch.
  • Here, choose the printer below the ‘Local’ or ‘Network’ tab.
  • Hit ‘Next.’
  • Tap ‘Calibrate Color’ on the left.
  • A page will open.
  • Load suitable paper into the paper source.
  • Select the right type, quality, and source of the paper.
  • Now, hit ‘Calibrate Color.’
  • This will commence the color calibration procedure.
  • That’s it; you now know how to perform color calibration HP printer.


When Should You Do Color Calibration on HP Design jet Printers?

When you calibrate color, it ensures color consistency. You must calibrate the color whenever you replace some printheads. Also, those who use the paper type and quality combination for the first time should also perform color calibration.

Remember that you don’t need to do it whenever you print. Calibration will get implemented on all printing jobs. This is true even when your printer is turned off.


How to Calibrate HP Printer Using the HP Toolbox

HP Photosmart printer models can be calibrated through the HP Toolbox. The process below works for the following HP printer models:

  • HP Photosmart 325
  • HP Photosmart 375
  • HP Photosmart 335
  • HP Photosmart 420
  • HP Photosmart 385
  • HP Photosmart 428
  • HO Photosmart 425
  • HP Photosmart 7620

Begin by opening the HP Toolbox. You can do it by right-tapping the icon of the HP Photosmart Taskbar and clicking ‘Open Toolbox.’ Now follow these points.

  • Tap ‘Start’ followed by ‘Settings.’
  • Now click ‘Printers.’
  • Right-tap on the HP printer icon that you are currently using.
  • Tap ‘Preferences.’
  • Now, choose the ‘Services’ tab.
  • Tap ‘Service this device’ or ‘Open the HP Photosmart Toolbox.’
  • Hit the ‘Device Services’ tab.
  • If you are a Windows XP user, you won’t see this tab.
  • Now click ‘Align the printer’ or ‘Clean the print cartridges’ or ‘Calibrate the device.’
  • Finally, see the guidelines on your screen and follow them.


Additional Ways to Troubleshoot HP Print Quality

You can troubleshoot unsatisfactory HP print quality by producing the print quality page.

  • Users of the LCD control panel can choose the ‘Print Quality Report’ option by opening the ‘System Setup’ or ‘Reports’ menu.
  • Touchscreen control panel printer users should touch the ‘Print Quality Page’ option in the ‘Reports’ menu.

After producing a print-quality page, you must interpret it correctly. On the page, there will be bands of different colors. If streaks appear in one of the color groups, replace the cartridge associated with it. If dots show in more than one color group, produce a cleaning page. Users who find streaks in various color bands should contact HP Customer Support.


Summing up

By learning how to calibrate HP printer, users can bring a great transformation in the quality of their printouts. The process fixes issues with formatting and prevents degraded printouts. If you need more help doing it on your printer model, contact a printer technical Support.  


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