A Complete Guide on HP Printer Default Password Reset   

Hewlett-Packard is a renowned manufacturer of printers. Their printers are highly efficient and well-liked by their users. HP printer makers constantly work on their products to improve their functionality. The printers are not just good in terms of features, but also have a well-built security system. 

At the time of printer setup, HP recommends that you change your HP printer default password to avoid any future misuse of the printer. However, many printer users don’t know how to reset the default password for their HP printer or can’t find the HP printer admin password assigned by the manufacturers. So, to solve the problems related to setting the default admin password, we have explained the solutions to help HP printer users. 


What is the HP printer default password? 

The administrator password is the preconfigured password allotted by the manufacturer of the device. Using the password, one can log in to the device’s system and make changes to its settings. It is important to change the default password to a strong one for security reasons. Generally, the user gets a prompt to change the factory password while setting up their device for the first time. But, on some devices, you won’t get any notification. You need to reset the password actively to protect the device. 

In the case of the printer, using the HP printer default password, you can easily log in as an administrator and interfere with the interface language, network settings, and control settings. The HP default admin password is usually some common words like admin, HP [product name], 12345678, etc., or the 10-digit product serial number. It is crucial to change this default password to secure the administrator settings; otherwise, it will be prone to hacking. 


Easy ways to find the HP printer default password

The administrator username is mostly admin or administrator. But the password can be different, and you may not be able to guess it. Thus, here are some ways that you can utilize to get your HP printer default password.


Check the instruction manual

You can easily find the default password for HP printer in the product instruction manual that comes with the packaging. Check the index to track the password. On the index page, see the settings for the administrator detail. It might take some time to find the details in the booklet because of the small write ups. But it will be worth searching because the information will be 100% accurate. 


Check the labels on the printer

On some of the HP printers, the admin password is pasted on the printer or the packaging box. Check the printer body and package carton to find your default password HP printer. You may only find the serial number pasted on the printer’s back. In that case, the serial number might be the default admin password for your HP printer. To be sure, try logging in using the serial number as a passcode in lower case, upper case, or as it is. 


How to change the HP printer default password first time?

It is essential to change the HP default admin password for security purposes when setting up the printer for the first time. Follow these steps to change the admin password correctly:

  • On the printer screen, go to the “Setup” tab.
  • Then, choose “System.”
  • After that, open the “Advance” option and select “Set/Change password.”
  • Now, enter the new password in the required fields and tap “Ok” to save the password.
  • You may require to enter the factory default password to create a new one, so keep your default factory password with you.
  • With these steps, you can easily change the default password of your HP printer. Keep a copy of your new password safe with you for future use.


How to reset the default password for HP printer?

You can quickly reset the HP default admin password if you know your current password. But if you don’t remember or have access to your current password, then you only have two options. The first option is to reset the printer to the default factory setting and then change the password using the default password. Another option is to guess your password, which can be time-consuming and may not give you results.

Follow these steps to change the password using the current password:

  • On the printer Control Panel, go to the “Setup” tab.
  • Then, click “Change Password” under the “Advance” setting following the “System” setting.
  • Now, you need to enter the current password in the “Current Password” field.
  • After that, enter your new password in the “New password” field and the “Confirm New Password” field.
  • Now, press “Ok” to save the password.

Follow these steps to reset the printer to the factory setting:


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For the printer with LCD and touchscreen

  • From the printer Control Panel, go to “Setup” and click “Service.”
  • Now, choose “Restore Defaults” and press “OK” to reset your printer to its default state.
  • After the reset, the printer will restart.

After a hard reset of the printer, you can follow the steps mentioned above to change the HP printer admin password. But you must put the default password from the manufacturer in place of the “Current Password.”


For printers without a screen

  • Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to reset the printer to its default settings. 
  • If this doesn’t help, then refer to the manual or try pressing and holding the Cancel button while pressing the Power button.

To reset the password for a button-controlled printer, we advise you to seek help from an HP support expert. 

If the normal resetting doesn’t change the admin password to the default factory password, try an NVRAM reset. NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory) holds the long-term settings of the device and may not delete with the factory reset. Here is how you can perform an NVRAM reset for your HP printer:

  • First, print a configuration report before initializing the reset process.
  • Turn off the printer, and hold down the “Down Arrow” button.
  • Now, switch on the printer, and keep holding down the “Down Arrow” button until all three of the printer control panel lights flash once.
  • The process might take up to 10 seconds.
  • Now, press the “Up Arrow” button and then hit the “Pause/Resume” button from the menu. 
  • “Skip Disk Load” will then appear on the screen. 
  • Again press the “Up Arrow” until the “NVRAM init” doesn’t display on the screen.  
  • Select “Ok” to initialize the NVRAM reset. 
  • The printer will perform several power-on processes.

These steps will work on most HP printers. However, if this doesn’t work with your printer, contact HP support for help. After the completion of the NVRAM reset, you can change the HP default admin password.



Now, you know different methods to change the HP printer default password. We hope that by using the solutions in this blog, you can easily reset your printer password. If you are still unable to change the admin password of your printer, then reach out to an HP printer Support for help.


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